Long-sleeved skinsuit with UCI race number pocket VTR-60


An aerodynamic skinsuit for time trial racing and track cycling, which does not require a pins.

  • number attachment system that does not require a single pin and does not interfere with the removal of moisture
  • fabric-a skin that improves grip on the saddle and helps not to lose watts on micro-movements in search of a stable position
  • tight aerodynamic cut to minimize air resistance and achieve better speed
  • stretch zipper that stretches along with the straightening of the body and allows you to walk comfortably in the product and sit in an aeroposition without wrinkles.
  • a diaper that will help you maintain your concentration and not lose precious seconds when pedaling


  • dense linear fabric for the chest
  • elastic and lightweight fabric with a linear texture for the shoulders
  • lightweight mesh fabric for the back
  • thick, smooth fabric with a high compression level for the bottom part
  • textured anti-slip fabric for the saddle contact area


  • developed by Elastic Interface specifically for time trial racing
  • the maximum support zone in the peak pressure area
  • antibacterial impregnation


This product is available for order in the following sizes: XXS-XXL. To choose your size, please, view our size guide.

For your convenience we fixed prices in USD, which equals:
  • 799 AED
  • 220 USD
  • 200 EUR


  • pin-free number system
  • stretch zipper
  • silicone coating on the legs
  • laser cut sleeve

Вид спорта: Cycling

Вид продукта: Skinsuit

Пол: Unisex