Indoor jersey VTR-Z3


We develops indoor jersey, because for many people winter is the indoor trainer time of the year. In sunny Watopia our riders are dressed up in the classic kit, then at home in t's too hot for the classic jersey, and too cold for the base layer or without it.

Indoor jersey solves that problem. High-tech materials keeping you warm when you're not warmed up yet, and cool you down when you struggling from interval workout, group ride, or race.

  • textured mesh on the back
  • perforated fabrics on the chest
  • body-friendly fabrics in the underarm area
  • materials marked with the bluesign® mark: they are only produced using resources and processes that are safe for people and the environment

  • Two way fit for your choice:
  • under the straps – as a base layer
  • on the shoulder straps – like a jersey
  • Both options are good. We checked it out.

  • 1/3 zipper allows you to unbutton the jersey for extra cooling
  • lightweight sleeve for moisture removal
  • flat seams


This product is available for order in the following sizes: XS-XXXL. To choose your size, please, view our size guide.

For your convenience we fixed prices in USD, which equals:
  • 399 AED
  • 110 USD
  • 100 EUR

Вид спорта: Cycling

Вид продукта: Jersey

Пол: Women